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We provide a range of services to a mix of clients. We often work as part of a multi disciplinary team with architects, designers, agricultural consultants, highway consultants, ecologists, heritage experts and surveyors. A summary of the type of services we can provide is set out below:

Residential and commercial developments

We have an excellent track record of obtaining planning permission for private house builders and commercial property developers. We work positively and proactively with both our clients and the Local Planning Authority. At the outset we advise the client on what are the relevant national and local planning policies. We set out what opportunities and constraints the policies raise and then we suggest the best approach or strategy in order to minimise risk and maximise return of our client’s assets. We communicate openly and honestly at all stages of the process and keep clients informed on timescale and what to expect.

Self and custom build housing

The profile of Self and Custom Build Housing in this country has significantly increased in recent years. We can provide specialist advice to individuals, families, cohousing groups, Town and Parish Council’s and Local Planning Authorities who want to build or help deliver self-build housing. We will work closely with you to find a suitable site, develop your design code, obtain outline planning permission and if necessary reserved matters planning permission. We can also undertake community engagement sessions and put clients in contact with specialists on all other design and build aspects of their project.

We are keen to hear from land owners with land available for self and custom build housing. If you are interested in working with us and your local community to help deliver serviced self or custom build plots then please contact us. We can obtain planning permission on your behalf or pursue joint ventures where you share the costs.

Feasibility Studies

We can advise on the initial prospect of a potential development project. This will include setting out the relevant planning policy background, defining the key planning issues that will need to be addressed, giving an idea of the likely chances of success of obtaining planning permission and identifying a budget and timescale for undertaking the necessary work.

Planning and Listed Building Applications

We can prepare and submit your planning or listed building applications. Once the application is submitted we will track its progress, liaise with the Parish Council, the local community and the Local Planning Authority (LPA). We will negotiate any requirements set out by the LPA and if you wish, speak at the planning committee on your behalf. We place the highest priority on keeping you informed on the progress of your application at every step of the way.

Planning Appeals

We provide advice on the appeal process. We can provide an opinion on what we think your chances of success will be of appealing a refusal. We will negotiate with the Local Planning Authority to establish whether there is an alternative way forward. If an appeal is the only route we will prepare and submit your appeal, track its progress, if necessary attend the site visit, and most importantly keep you informed at every stage of the way.

Neighbourhood Plans

We work with both neighbourhood groups and Parish Council's in offering support with undertaking all aspects of work involved in the preparation of Neighborhood Plans. We can undertake community engagement, help shape policy development, lead landowner engagement exercises and provide planning policy advice. We can work with small or large local groups to help them assemble the necessary resources and to put forward a viable and professional plan. This will include assistance in working with the wider community at every stage of the process.